"Uphaar" A new program launched by Raising Brands Euphoria 2018 with a New Facia..


We at Raising Brands are of the firm belief that a universal educational structure and effective delivery imbibing the four dimensions of human development - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – can really usher in a new era for India. These elements need holistic attention at the grass root level. Without finding flaws with the current system and suggesting a complete overhaul, we certainly insist it is time that we recognize and plug the gaping gaps affecting the current perspective.

In the present setup we are convinced that students with mere bookish knowledge, classroom teaching and cut and paste from internet techniques cannot cope up with the ever growing competition in the market and achieve the targets they aspire.

In sync with our conviction we feel pleasure in launching ‘Uphaar’, a bouquet of events for students aimed at helping them gather factual and practical knowledge from education and industry experts. Through this note we invite the multi tasking and adept scholars of your venerated institution to participate in this one of a kind endeavour of ours’ specially designed in keeping with the rapidly changing multi-tasking lifestyles and job culture.

Schools can enroll for ‘Uphaar’ to avail the bouquet of services/offers as follows:-

Components of Uphaar